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  • The Christmas cactus is a seasonal favorite. But there are a few steps to follow before you'll see those beautiful blossoms. Jeff Wadle, from J & K’s Four Seasons Floral and Greenhouse in Shepherd, Michigan, shares some tips!
  • Elly Maxwell is an entomologist at Dow Gardens in Midland, she is all abuzz about “pollinators.”What is a pollinator? We may have learned about “the birds and the bees” in school, but Elly concisely explains it again.
  • There is nothing better than biting into a ripe, juicy tomato just picked from your garden!Bevin Cohen from Small House Farm in Sanford, Michigan offers plenty of practical information on how to grow the best tomatoes.
  • Sometimes we need to help Mother Nature provide water to our gardens. Brent Crain, Consumer Horticulture Educator for Michigan State University Extension, offers practical tips on how to water properly and effectively.
  • Everyone loves to see the colorful displays of blossoms that cascade down from hanging baskets, but keeping those flowers looking their best can be a challenge. Janice Jenkins, from Elm Creek Garden Center in Farwell, recommends four steps for caring for them.
  • Bevin Cohen from Small House Farm in Sanford is an herbalist, author and podcaster. He shares his “Top Five” list of culinary herbs that are easy to grow and useful in the kitchen.
  • Patricia Osburn is the District Administrator for the Otsego Conservation District in Gaylord. She has been working with native plants for more than 25 years. In this episode of “From the Ground Up!” she explains that “native plants” are species that have been growing within a region for hundreds of years.
  • When shopping for plants, and reading the tags that are inserted into the pots, what do the symbols—sun, partial sun, shade etc. really mean? Karin Johnson, greenhouse and botanical garden manager at Central Michigan University, sorts it out on “From the Ground Up.”