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How to Listen to WCMU Classical

WCMU Classical is WCMU's 24/7 classical service. There are many ways to listen, including online, the WCMU mobile app, and on smart speakers. Read on to learn how to listen to WCMU Classical.

Mobile Device
The easiest way to listen to WCMU Classical is through the WCMU Mobile App. You can download it by searching for WCMU in your App Store. Within the mobile app, tap the 'Listen' button near the top of the screen, and then tap 'WCMU Classical.' From there you will see the latest playlist, and you can begin listening by tapping the maroon and white play button in the bottom left of your screen.

If you listen via a mobile device, you can easily pair it with a sound bar or Bluetooth speaker to provide a better sound experience.

Online Listening
You can listen to WCMU Classical on our website. On this page, you can use the player located at the top of your screen (or at the bottom if you are using a mobile device). To select WCMU Classical, click either "all streams" (or on a mobile device, tap the white 'diamond' symbol in the bottom right of the screen) and then select 'WCMU Classical.' This player will keep playing, as long as you remain on the WCMU website.

Smart Speakers
You can ask your Amazon or Google smart speaker to "Play WCMU Classical."

In Your Car
If your car has an HD Radio (many newer vehicles do!) you can listen right on your radio by turning to our —2 subchannel. This signal is available in the following areas:

    No HD radio? No problem! If you don't have an HD radio, or live in an area without HD service, you may be able to listen via your mobile phone by connecting it to your vehicles audio system, provided your car's audio system is Bluetooth and/or USB compatible. Once your phone is connected to your car's audio system, you can open the WCMU Mobile App (available in your app store) and play the WCMU stream of your choice. It should then play back through your car's stereo system.

    If you need help connecting your phone to your car, there is a guide available specifically for Apple Devices and a general guide covering all devices.

    If you have an older vehicle that does not have Bluetooth or USB compatibility, you can purchase a Bluetooth FM Transmitter. These devices generally cost under $25, and plug into the power port or cigarette lighter in your car. You can pair your mobile phone with these devices via Bluetooth, and they will then broadcast any audio playing from your phone to a channel of your choice on your FM radio. These devices are available from major online retailers, and at many brick-and-mortar retailers.

    Smart TVs
    Many smart TVs now offer an option to listen to WCMU, including Roku and Amazon Firestick devices. On these devices, please install the "TuneIn" app or channel. Once installed, you can search for WCMU Classical.

    Devices and Apps requiring a URL
    You can listen to WCMU Classical by directly entering a URL into certain devices and applications. We offer two URLs you can use for such devices:

    Still need help?
    We are happy to help you find WCMU Classical. Please send us an email for assistance or call 989-774-3105!