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Herbs: The Useful Plants!

Bevin Cohen at his Small House Farm in Sanford, Michigan.
Bevin Cohen at his Small House Farm in Sanford, Michigan.

Bevin Cohen from Small House Farm in Sanford is an herbalist, author and podcaster. He shares his “Top Five” list of culinary herbs that are easy to grow and useful in the kitchen.

Oregano: A sun-loving perennial that requires little care and is very attractive and fragrant in the garden. Bevin recommends “Greek Oregano” for cooking.

Basil: Everyone’s favorite—a “must” in the garden! Bevin explains that basil is a sun-loving annual that is easy to grow and versatile in the kitchen. Basil is very sensitive to frost, so wait until after the last frost to plant it in the spring, and be sure to harvest and use it before the first frost in the fall.

Parsley: Bevin tells us that while parsley can be planted and enjoyed each season, it is a “biennial,” requiring two years to produce seeds. Parsley will tolerate sun or shade. Bevin grows both the flat-leaf and the curly varieties to use in a wide variety of dishes.

Mint: Easy to grow perennial that will tolerate shade. Bevin enjoys the fragrance in the yard and garden as well as the bright flavor for cooking and for teas.

Rosemary: “For remembrance!” Bevin likes to grow rosemary in a container, then bring it indoors in the fall, because it is sensitive to frost.

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