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We Say "Tomatoes!"

Oxheart Kosovo Tomatoes
Heather Cohen
Oxheart Kosovo Tomatoes

There is nothing better than biting into a ripe, juicy tomato just picked from your garden!

Bevin Cohen from Small House Farm in Sanford, Michigan.
Bevin Cohen from Small House Farm in Sanford, Michigan.

Bevin Cohen from Small House Farm in Sanford, Michigan offers plenty of practical information on how to grow the best tomatoes.

There are many varieties and types of tomatoes, Bevin mentions Beefsteak types for slicing, Roma for canning and cherry for snacking. He says that his favorite typed is “Oxheart,” a beautiful heart-shaped fruit that is perfect for slicing and for cooking.

Bevin recommends planting tomatoes deep into the soil, or laying them into a trench, ensuring strong root growth. Keep the plants watered at the soil level. Fertilize first with a nitrogen-based fertilizer to promote the vegetative growth of the plant, the once the plant flowers, switch to a potassium-based fertilizer to promote the growth of the fruit. Bevin also recommends a thick layer of mulch to help suppress weeds, hold moisture in the soil and keep the roots cool. Bevin says “Mulch is your best friend!”

Bevin tells us NOT to store those gorgeous tomatoes in the refrigerator, where the cold temperature will adversely affect the flavor. Instead, leave them out on the countertop—alternatively, as Bevin says, “Let’s make some sauce!”

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