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91.7FM Alpena and WCML-TV Channel 6 Alpena are off the air. Click here to learn more.
WCMU News Headlines
An example of one of many hands you can be dealt while playing Spitzer. Four players compete for points using just 32 cards in quick, strategic rounds, never knowing who may have the upper hand.
Courtney Boyd
Played in senior centers and local bars in Alpena and Rogers City, Spitzer is a card game where you don't know who your partner is until your deep in it.
National & World News from NPR
The ruins of the WCML transmitter building in Atlanta. The building caught fire on Feb. 28, 2024.
Mark Brown
WCML-FM 91.7 and WCML-TV Channel 6 are off the air indefinitely following a fire at our Atlanta, MI transmitter site. Click to learn more, including alternate ways to watch and listen.