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White House Rules Out Participating In House Impeachment Inquiry Process

President Trump has decided to stay out of the impeachment inquiry being conducted by the House of Representatives. White House counsel Pat Cipollone rejected an offer from House Democrats that would have allowed the president to send counsel to represent him at future impeachment hearings. In a short two-paragraph letter to Democrats, Cipollone said the impeachment inquiry is "completely baseless and has violated basic principles of due process and fundamental fairness." "House Democrats...

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The family of Joshua Kaleb Watson has identified him as one of the three people killed Friday by a gunman at Naval Air Station Pensacola. Authorities say the gunman, a Saudi aviation student, also injured eight others before a sheriff's deputy killed him.

Neither the Navy nor law enforcement officials have released the names of victims or the gunman.

Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit https://www.npr.org.

Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit https://www.npr.org.

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Central Michigan University

Hang on to your controller..Central Michigan University is moving forward with establishing an E-Sports program.




Courtesy of Michigan DNR

For the first time a federally recognized Indian tribe will co-manage a Michigan state park.


Osceola County will open its first adult-use marijuana provisioning center in Evart on Friday.

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Some democratic state lawmakers want universal background checks for all people looking to own a firearm. 

Officials say rural schools are more likely to have challenges finding and keeping teachers than their suburban counterparts…. Due in large part to  their geographic isolation. 





Nestle Waters’ bottled water does not meet the definition of an “essential service,” according to a decision Tuesday from the Michigan Court of Appeals.


A new study out of the University of Michigan finds the bodies of migratory birds are shrinking - and it could be due to climate change.

Jason St. Onge

Between high lake levels and strong storms, some Mackinac Island roads have taken a beating. Crews are out this week repairing a state highway on the island. And officials say they expect to see more damage in the future.

Let's Go Back: Aladdin Homes

Dec 4, 2019

The Clarke Historical Library on the campus of Central Michigan University is home to thousands of artifacts - papers from Michigan's first settlers, historic photographs of the Soo locks, and even some rare and historically significant first edition books.


Munson Medical Center in Traverse City must post signs stating that nurses have a right to talk about working conditions. It’s part of a settlement with the National Labor Relations Board.


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