Judy Wagley

Host, Afternoon Classical Music

Judy is the newest addition to WCMU, joining the staff in December 2018. As producer and host of “Afternoon Classical Music,” she wants to share her life-long love of classical music with listeners, and have some fun along the way! She is also the producer of “Central Stage.”

Judy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Music History, and has worked at public and commercial radio stations in Toledo and Columbus, Ohio and Grand Rapids and Gaylord, Michigan. Before moving to Mount Pleasant, she was a writer/photographer for the Gaylord Herald Times.

Judy Plays French horn in the Northern Michigan Brass Band, Central Michigan Area Concert Band and Gateway Band. She is an avid swimmer and gardener, and insists that plants—like people—thrive when they listen to classical music.

Ways to Connect

Listen to This!

Feb 4, 2021

Thomas Studebaker, Professor of Voice at the CMU School of Music, talks with Judy and shares some of his favorite music, tips for caring for the voice, what's it's like to sing at the Metropolitan Opera House and more!

Central Stage

Jan 4, 2021

Sue Gamble welcomes Dr. Amon Eady, Director of Choral Studies at CMU, and features selections performed by CMU choirs.

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