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Afternoon Classical Music brings a wide range of music to listeners Monday through Thursday from 1pm to 4pm. Hosted by Judy Wagley, you'll hear classic recordings and new releases from the biggest names in the world of music, as well as interviews with Michigan musicians, composers and directors.

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Feb 4, 2021

Thomas Studebaker, Professor of Voice at the CMU School of Music, talks with Judy and shares some of his favorite music, tips for caring for the voice, what's it's like to sing at the Metropolitan Opera House and more!

Dr. Keith Clifton - 12/7/2020

Libor Ondras - 12/8/2020

Kevin Rhodes - 12/9/2020

Dr. Jose-Luis Maurtua - 12/10/2020

  Dr. MaryBeth Minnis, Assistant Professor of bassoon at the CMU School of Music, talks with Judy about her instrument of choice.


Fire Up Chips! Dr. Jim Batcheller talks with Judy about what’s happening with the Marching Chips.