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Teacher retirement system back on the agenda in Lansing

A showdown is brewing in Lansing over the fate of teacher retirements. The House and Senate have introduced identical plans to require all new hires to get 401(k) plans instead of the current hybrid that includes a pension.

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The Montana special congressional race was roiled on the eve of Thursday's vote after GOP nominee Greg Gianforte allegedly "body slammed" a reporter.

When President Trump's budget director, Mick Mulvaney, unveiled the administration's budget blueprint earlier this week, which calls for significant cuts to food stamps, he noted that the aim of the budget was to get people working.

"If you're on food stamps and you're able-bodied, we need you to go to work. If you're on disability insurance and you're not supposed to be — if you're not truly disabled, we need you to go back to work," Mulvaney said Tuesday.

Oil producers across the country are watching to see what OPEC does at its meeting in Vienna this week, since the cartel of oil-exporting countries has recently played a big role in turning around a two-year U.S. slump.

There are more than twice as many U.S. rigs drilling for oil as a year ago, a turnaround that's felt keenly in places like the Bakken oil patch in North Dakota. Cigarettes and chewing tobacco are flying off the shelves of the gas station Angela Neuman manages in the town of Williston.

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A state House committee held a hearing Wednesday on legislation that would outlaw “sanctuary cities” in Michigan.

A new book follows a young boy as he tries to understand his family's legacy, communicate with aliens, and launch a rocket into space.

The book, See You in the Cosmos, is written by Detroit native Jack Cheng and follows Alex Petroski on a roadtrip across the country who records his adventures on an iPod.

Ben: Talk to me about the central idea of Into the Cosmos and the way it’s written as a series of audio journals and where that idea came from.

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If you want to take your favorite dog out to eat with you, you might soon be in luck.

Leelanau Cheese

Michigan is home to a rapidly expanding beer scene, a history of pasties, and also: world award winning cheese.

The Leelanau Cheese company first started making cheese in 1995. The company is a small shop with just a handful of employees owned by a husband a wife team: Anne and John Hoyt. Anne, as you're about to hear, is French.

“We moved to Blackstar Farms in 2000, we bought this property four years ago exactly and we moved in three years ago.”

Candidates requesting electoral recounts would have to pay higher fees under legislation that’s been approved by the state senate.

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An attorney for the woman accusing three Michigan State University football players of sexual assault says the school's investigation found all three men violated university policies.

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Some Democrats at the state Capitol says it’s time to take a new look at services for the elderly in Michigan, especially nursing home care. They say the need will become more critical as more Michigan residents get older and require assisted living.

Officials in Clare County are celebrating a centennial this year.

100 years of the Cooperative Extension.That’s the program that offers information on agricultural issues and homemaking skills, think: canning and gardening.

Abraham Lincoln said knowledge and education should be available to all Americans without having to go to an ivy league school. Lincoln started land grant universities to provide that access.

In the early 1900’s Michigan State University, a land grant university, became a Cooperative Expansion member.

Flickr User 401(K) 2012 https://flic.kr/p/aFDn6i

A showdown is brewing in Lansing over the fate of teacher retirements. The House and Senate have introduced identical plans to require all new hires to get 401(k) plans instead of the current hybrid that includes a pension. 

Trump budget targets Great Lakes funding

May 23, 2017
Great Lakes Today

The Trump administration released details of its 2018 budget plan today. As expected, it eliminates a $300 million program to help the Great Lakes. But that isn’t the only environmental program targeted.