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Sean Spicer Resigns As Press Secretary In White House Communications Shake-Up

Updated at 10:24 p.m. ET The White House communications operation underwent a dramatic shake-up Friday. Sean Spicer resigned as press secretary after President Trump appointed Anthony Scaramucci, a wealthy New York financier, as his communications director. Appearing on camera before the White House press corps at a televised press briefing, Scaramucci then announced Sarah Sanders, Spicer's deputy, as the new press secretary. In statements Friday night, Trump praised Scaramucci and Sanders. ...

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Opiod abuse a growing problem in northern Michigan

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It's expected to be a celebratory ride into Paris for Chris Froome when the Tour de France ends Sunday. The British rider added to his overall lead Saturday; he has also avoided crashes that took out some of cycling's big names — including his teammate Geraint Thomas.

Froome's opponents saw Saturday's time trial in Marseilles as the last chance to take the yellow jersey from him, but they were unable to gain time on the reigning champion, who took third place. He now has a 54-second lead over Colombia's Rigoberto Urán — who banged into a barricade during his time trial.

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Out here, in West Pokot County, Kenya, the landscape looks like Mars — red clay, rocks, and in the distance, a mountain so bare, it looks like a giant boulder.

Stephen Long'uriareng, 80, has walked two hours to bring her two cows and goats to this watering hole. It's really just a dam carved out the earth, where the rain water mixes with mud and turns into a dark brown color.

This is not the place Long'uriareng remembers from her youth.

"This whole place used to be green with a lot of pasture. There was nothing being experienced like drought," she said.

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A state Senator is entering the Republican race for governor.

Divers chronicle Great Lakes shipwreck that left 32 dead

Jul 21, 2017
Marc Duncan

There’s more than just fish and sand in the Great Lakes.   According to the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum in Michigan, there are over 6,000 shipwrecks in the lakes – and an estimated 30,000 lives lost.

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State officials are sharing answers to questions they often get from residents about hosting or visiting garage sales in Michigan.

Should I pay taxes on what I’m selling or buying at a garage sale?

Do I need a permit to host one?

These are the most common questions received by the state.

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 Officials in Midland County say this fall they plan to unveil a new 20 year transportation plan. In the meantime, they’re inviting residents to share their thoughts.

Bryan Gillett is the transportation planner for the Midland Area Transportation Study. He said public opinion plays a big role in the decision making.

“It looked there was a great interest in non motorized transportation and the overall conditions of the roads.”

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New trends in drug use are emerging in northern lower Michigan communities, and now police are working to build awareness about the evolving problem.

Corey Hebner is a Community Service Trooper for the Michigan State Police. He said building awareness of drug prevalence in rural communities is an easy way to engage a community.

“We’re seeing more and more heroin in rural areas. Unfortunately because heroin is a lot cheaper than trying to find a street drug prescription based pain killer. That's going to continue”.

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A state agency has asked courts in three counties to dismiss 186 bench warrants against people accused of unemployment fraud.

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A public hearing is scheduled for July 25 on a permit application for 22 anchor supports on the Line 5 Pipeline beneath the straits of Mackinac.

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Many people have either heard of or, in more rare cases, experienced first hand the pain that comes with running a marathon.

At the end of the month, Grayling, Michigan is hosting its 70th annual Ausable River Canoe Marathon. Our On the Map series brings us to a small northern Michigan community, for one of the largest most competitive canoe races in the nation.

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A non-profit group of people, who love to fish, is hosting an event next month to make it easier for people with disabilities to hit the lake.

The group is called “Fishing Has No Boundaries”. It’s purpose is to  bring the simple joy of fishing to people with disabilities.

Ben Kissee is with “Fishing Has No Boundaries”, which is organizing the event. He said it doesn't matter what your disability is or how old you are,  volunteers will make sure they have amenities for you.

House panel approves $300 million for Great Lakes

Jul 19, 2017
Ben Thorp

Despite a White House proposal to eliminate $300 million for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, the House Appropriations Committee voted late Tuesday to fully fund the program through September 2018.