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WCMU's Morning Edition Host Tina Sawyer.

Tina Sawyer

Local Host, Morning Edition

Tina Sawyer is the local host of Morning Edition on WCMU. She joined WCMU in November, 2022.

Tina has been on the air in central and northern Michigan since 1988. Originally from Houghton Lake, MI, she has called Mount Pleasant her home since 1992. She spends her spare time with her two daughters, Emily and Courtney; her two cats, Kitty and Luna, and her dog Coco.

She enjoys hiking, walking singing, baking, volunteering, musical theatre, listing to and watching all types of music, movies, and standup comedy. She also enjoys coffee — lots and lots of coffee — and, of course, talking on the radio!

She says her favorite part of being on the air at WCMU is being the first to bring you the news of the day, and perhaps help you start each day with a smile. She is also happy to be surrounded with such supportive, positive and talented coworkers.

She says "thank you for including me in your morning routine on WCMU! I look forward to having you join me every weekday morning!"