Aurora Abraham

Aurora is a photojournalist major and an undecided minor going into her sophomore year at Central Michigan University. After college, she hopes to work as a photojournalist.

Aurora says she has gained so much experience from this internship so far, and has already noticed it helping her develop in various ways as a journalist. It has also been fun to go to a brand new location (Bad Axe) and learn the ways of the town.

Ways to Connect

Amidst the confusion of returning to school during a pandemic, Central Michigan University Greek Life organizations are preparing different ways to do things.

Courtesy of MDOT

The Mackinac Bridge Authority announced their recommendation that drivers wear masks when passing through the tolls.

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Hospital workers are the ones in need of Personal Protective Equipment that, according to Thumb hospitals, was in short supply during the early stages of the pandemic.

When the coronavirus hit, many hospitals in the rural region of Huron county were not equipped for the amount of supplies they ended up needing.

The coronavirus hurt exchange programs in the spring and has caused hesitance among many fall participants.


A Central Michigan University professor was recently part of a study that looked into how the first affected Asian countries addressed the coronavirus early on.