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Amy began working for WCMU in late-2006. She is the local host of All Things Considered, and WCMU's News Director. She is responsible for leading a team of reporters covering stories throughout WCMU's 44 county coverage area. 

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It’s not often that a village of just over 400 residents becomes a draw for scholars around the world.


Thanks to a unique political / social center, the little ‘burb of Mecosta between Mt Pleasant and Big Rapids is just that.


The  Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal brings academics from Europe, Japan and South America to translate and study the works of a man who was eulogized as the person who gave conservatism its name and genealogy.

 If you’re looking for a cultural destination, a tiny village between Mt Pleasant and Big Rapids might not be the first place you’d look. But it turns out, the village of Mecosta has some surprising attractions for a village of just over 400 people.

This week we finish out summer On the Map travels with a quick visit to this hidden gem.  First stop, a used bookstore  complete with crowded aisles, tall stacks of books and a unique character.


  Many homes in rural areas of Michigan rely on septic systems, that is: individual wastewater treatment systems. One published report says up to one (point) four million septic systems still remain in Michigan. An estimated 21 million are in use nationwide. That translates to millions of possible leaks and system failures.


Amy Robinson takes a look at the threat septic systems pose to Michigan’s environment and what communities are doing to address it.