Amy Robinson

News Director and Host

Amy began working for WCMU in late-2006. She is the local host of All Things Considered, and WCMU's News Director. She is responsible for leading a team of reporters covering stories throughout WCMU's 44 county coverage area. 

Ways to Connect

A state house comittee is poised to advance bipartisan ethics bills, and Enbridge Energy is facing a state deadline to shut down Line 5. This is your WCMU news roundup for May 10. 

The Michigan House Oversight Committee held its first hearing today on a bill to pre-emptively outlaw COVID-19 vaccine passports. This is your WCMU news roundup for May 6. 

State senate republicans have passed a bill to exempt high school graduation ceremonies from COVID-19 gathering restrictions. This is your news roundup for May 5.  

The Michigan Department of Education approves new, temporary rules to find special education teachers, and health officials continue to work to address vaccine hesitancy. This is your WCMU news roundup for May 3.  

Health officials say making COVID vaccine clinics more accessible for people with disabilities may make them easier for everyone to use. This is your WCMU news roundup for April 28.