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Smoke from Canadian wildfires make hazy Michigan skies

National Weather Service in Gaylord

If you look outside over the next few days you may notice that the sky looks cloudy.


Experts say it isn’t clouds blocking the sun, it's smoke.


Southbound winds have picked up smoke from wildfires in Canada, causing what appears to be cloudy skies in Michigan.  


A lead forecaster for the National Weather Service in Gaylord, Brian Adam, said this is not that unusual.

“If the winds aloft are just right smoke gets caught up into the main flow and gets moved about,” Adam said. “(It) depends on whatever the middle and upper level winds are doing and if it’s just right, it carries on into the region.”


Beyond blocking the sun, Adam said this has no impact on people on the ground.


Adam said the smoke will disperse as it continues to move into areas of the Midwest. He said within the next couple of days it will follow the flow patterns and thin out.