Tess DeGayner


Tess DeGayner is a student reporter for WCMU. She is a junior at Central Michigan University where she majors in Journalism and minors in Broadcast & Cinematic Arts. Her hometown is Fenton, Michigan.


She joined WCMU’s staff the spring of 2019, and her reports can be heard on Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Here and Now.


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For the first time, fall travel will be featured with summer travel in Pure Michigan’s national tourism campaign.


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The state is providing $1.23 million in grant funding in an effort to increase the state’s recycling average. 

State officials said Michigan has the lowest recycling rate throughout the Great Lakes states and is among the lowest nationally. 



Village of Roscommon

The village of Roscommon has been awarded $60 thousand in grant funding to clean up a property that had housed a pharmacy. 



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A new tool has been created to help communities reach out to populations that are at a high risk of being undercounted in next year’s census.

Midland County is using asphalt made from recycled plastic bags to repair their roads.