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A report looking at the economic impact the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative found the program will have an overwhelmingly positive impact on the Great Lakes region.

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People with low muscle strength are more likely to die prematurely, according to a new study from the University of Michigan.

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The state plans to fight a lawsuit filed in federal court by a group of Michigan college students.

The students say a law discriminates against young voters.

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The US Department of Justice is weighing in on a free speech case involving the University of Michigan.

The university is embroiled in a lawsuit challenging the school’s disciplinary codes that prohibit harassment and bullying.

The group claims the university's policies infringe on people’s constitutional rights.

And the justice department agrees.  The department filed a brief in support of the plaintiffs Monday.

Devin O’Malley is a justice department spokesman:

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A new University of Michigan study finds Detroit students who participated in a youth employment program had a higher attendance rate in school two years later. Researchers compared teens who got summer jobs through one youth works program... with their peers who didn’t. Researchers found the working students were more likely to take the SAT and graduate from high school.