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Ideas are floating around Lansing about how to make the state’s schools safer from gun violence. 

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Republican state lawmakers want to prevent school districts from using deed restrictions on old school buildings.

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The 2018 US Senate race got a shake up Wednesday, but not because of someone entering the race. Republican Bob Young decided to step down from the race.

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Democratic lawmakers are trying once again to repeal the state’s so-called “Right to Work” law.

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Former U-S senator Carl Levin says more Democrats are needed in Congress to oppose proposals like the current Republican tax plan. He says it would encourage companies to move more jobs overseas.

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The Republican Tax Plan passed the US. House of Representatives last week and included a 15 percent cut to corporate tax rates.

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Millionaire businessman Sandy Pensler has joined the group of Republicans who want to be the nominee to run against incumbent Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow. 

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Concealed guns could be carried in schools, churches and other places they’re currently banned under bills adopted Wednesday by the state Senate.

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Intraparty drama is building in the state Senate. A Republican Senator was removed from four committees.

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Lawmakers in Lansing are gearing up for a showdown over Michigan’s auto no-fault law. A group of Republicans and Democrats in the state House announced changes they plan to introduce.