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Schumer, White House Respond To Shutdown By Pointing Fingers

Updated at 9:45 p.m. ET The federal government is in the midst of a partial shutdown, and it appears it will be that way for some time. President Trump and members of Congress publicly say they want to reopen the federal government, but, in the first day of a shutdown, Republicans and Democrats on both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue showed no signs of ending their stalemate. In a midafternoon press conference Saturday, White House Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short reiterated the position...

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Like President Obama before him, Trump's presidency is having an effect on areas seemingly outside of politics, including the worlds of professional sports, movies, theater — and perhaps a newer addition: comics.

Turkey on Sunday continued a major attack inside northwestern Syria on a Kurdish militia it has called a "terror army" that presents a danger to Turkish security.

One day earlier Turkey sent tanks and armored vehicles lumbering across the border with Syria to add to artillery and aerial invasions already underway against the YPG, which Ankara seeks to drive out of the Afrin region of Syria.

Turkey also announced Saturday that the aerial component of its "Operation Olive Branch" had struck 108 YPG targets, as NPR's Peter Kenyon tells our newscast unit.

Lawmakers in Washington are locked in a standoff that has led to a partial shutdown of the federal government, and weekend attempts to dig out of it haven't made much progress.

The standstill is starting to send ripples of anxiety through Washington and the rest of the country that a shutdown could continue into the week.

NPR would like to know how the shutdown is affecting you — whether it's your job or a government service you might need.

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Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force

There have been a number of reports, conferences and discussions about the opioid crisis. Now one Mid-Michigan organization said we should also be talking about human trafficking.

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Late last week, Michigan was classified with widespread flu activity. That’s the CDC’s fifth and final stage in measuring influenza outbreaks.

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Some DTE Energy customers say the utility is bullying them for refusing smart meters, and they want the state Legislature to do something about it.

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The legislature is once again at odds with the governor.

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Health departments are reacting to changes in the state criteria for chemical contaminants in drinking water.

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The state announced Friday the new research team to conduct a risk analysis study of the Line 5 pipeline beneath the Straits of Mackinac.

Winter Tourism This Season

Jan 15, 2018
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Winter tourism is thriving this year in Michigan.

Things like skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing are going to benefit from the cold and snow that persisted through much of December.

Peter Fitzsimons is executive director of the Petoskey Area Visitors Bureau.

He said winter tourism will have a big impact on the area.

“For Boyne City, Harbor Springs, Petoskey, and Bay Harbor, it’s a significant part of our economy," Fitzsimons said. "Obviously July and August are our busiest months, but December, January, and February tend to rival our June and September.”

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A popular new year's resolution is to get healthier. Often that involves a gym membership. Now the state is reminding people to be smart when signing up for memberships to avoid unwanted expenses.

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The state treasurer says caution should be the watchword as the Legislature develops plans to deal with a glitch in the federal tax overhaul. If they don’t that glitch could cost Michigan taxpayers more in state income taxes.


Legislators say finding a long-term solution to DACA will be a priority for 2018.