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PFAs firefighting foams still held at fire deaprtments across the state

PFAs firefighting foams are still housed at fire stations across the state, according to the state fire marshal.

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Twenty-seven years after testifying that then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her, Anita Hill says she believes the upcoming hearing on an alleged sexual assault by the current nominee "cannot be fair and thorough."

As it stands now, the hearing cannot provide the senators "with enough information to reach a reasonable conclusion," Hill tells NPR.

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Detroit Lions try to recover from poor start of NFL season

Sep 14, 2018
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The Detroit Lions try to overcome a disastrous start to the NFL season when the team takes on the 49-ers in San Francisco.

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A study of sewer and sanitary systems in the city of Midland has found it needs $118-million worth of improvements.

Law Aims To Make Parole Decisions More Fair

Sep 14, 2018
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A new state law that went into effect on Wednesday aims to take the bias out of decisions on whether or not a prisoner should be paroled.

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The Poe lock in Sault Saint Marie will receive a roughly $2-million upgrade in the spring of 2019.

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A bill authorizing funding for a fifth Soo Lock passed the US House of Representatives Thursday.

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People with low muscle strength are more likely to die prematurely, according to a new study from the University of Michigan.

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The trade association representing Michigan’s public universities is unveiling a new marketing campaign touting the benefits of a 4-year-degree.

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Briefs filed in federal court Tuesday allege a small northern Michigan community has continued a practice of religious discrimination, despite making a bylaw change saying they would stop..

Instructors at Ferris State University held a sit-in Wednesday outside the office of the president.

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Governor Rick Snyder has put together a team he says will help fix the state Child Protective Services program.


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