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Xavier Mendoza

A taste of the Philippines in Traverse City

As a native Filipino, I was delighted to experience the cuisine my family used to cook.

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After weeks of living as a fugitive — and reportedly trying to steal the identity of a look-alike — Lois Riess has been arrested. Riess, 56, is wanted in connection with murders in two states and with stolen and forged checks.

"We look at her appearance. She looks like anybody's mother or grandmother," Undersheriff Carmine Marceno of Lee County, Fla., said Friday. "Yet she's an absolute cold-blooded murderer."

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Avicii, the Swedish producer who was one of the world's most successful DJs, was found dead today in Muscat, Oman, his publicist confirmed to NPR Music. He was 28. No cause of death was given.

It's a problem that has come seemingly out of nowhere. Over the last five years a worrisome number of low income countries have racked up so much debt they are now at high risk of being unable to pay it back — with potentially devastating consequences not just for their economies but for their citizens, many of whom are already living in extreme poverty.

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By swskeptic from USA (IMG_4092) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons / https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/05/Gretchen_Whitmer_2011.jpg

Former state Senate Democratic leader Gretchen Whitmer filed petition signatures Thursday to get her name on the primary ballot as a candidate for governor.

By Branislav Ondrasik [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons / https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/22/Michigan_State_University_sign.JPG

State lawmakers want to hit universities in their pocketbooks if they don’t follow certain sexual assault policies.

Flickr User U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service / https://flic.kr/p/bJC3WM

State and federal wildlife agencies say the Kirtland's Warbler can safely be removed from the endangered species list. 

That's a kirtland's warbler, a yellow breasted songbird that breeds only in young jack pines, trees found mainly in northern Michigan.  It was one of the first animals given protection under the Endangered Species Act.  There were only about 330 Kirtland's Warblers left in 1987.  Now, thanks to a multi-group effort to expand jack pine acreage there's about 46 hundred.  The coalition will remain active even after the bird is delisted. 

Ken Lund / https://flic.kr/p/yNK1oN

The US Environmental Agency announced a roughly one million dollar grant to Saginaw County Thursday to improve fish habitat in Saginaw Bay.

Flickr user Krzysztof Urbanowicz / https://flic.kr/p/8CTLZ3

A conference this week at Central Michigan University is aimed at diversifying stem fields.

CDC Global / https://flic.kr/p/oPVN9K

A Saginaw County man has filed suit in state and federal court over Michigan’s practice of seizing and storing blood samples from newborns, allegedly without proper consent.

To a lot of people, fashion and design are concepts reserved for the glamorous runways of New York and Paris. But mid-Michigan actually has its own annual Fashion Week.  The highlight of the week is a fashion show, “Threads.” It takes place each year on the campus of Central Michigan University.

Photo Credit: Cheyna Roth

People from Flint interrupted a state legislative session Wednesday to demand clean drinking water.

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The Michigan Supreme Court will decide whether schools can ban firearms, or if that’s preempted by a state law.

Flickr User Emily Mathews / https://flic.kr/p/UVJMqf

Michigan universities might have to report all campus sexual assaults to their governing boards.