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Tens of thousands of people were falsely accused of cheating on their unemployment benefits. The state took money from their tax refund or ordered them to re-pay benefits. That was after a problem with the state’s automated system.

Smishing: A new way you might be phished

Jul 20, 2018
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Phishing scams are getting more complicated. Fraudsters are using new strategies to steal your personal information.



Smishing is a blend of SMS and phishing. You might get a worrying text message: your bank account is temporarily locked! Please reply with your username and password to release your hold. But on the other end of the message? A texter trying to steal your personal information.

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The Michigan Supreme Court announced this weekend it will take a case involving as many as 40 thousand unemployment insurance claimants falsely accused of fraud.

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November is financial caregiver month, and financial experts are reminding caregivers the important role they play in keeping their loved ones safe, not only physically but financially.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette today (Thursday) issued a cease and desist order against the American Veterans Foundation of Sarasota, Florida.