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SCOTUS dismisses appeal of redistricting decision

Flickr User Morgon Mae Schultz

Michigan voters will cast ballots in their current legislative and congressional districts next year.

That’s due to a decision Monday by the US Supreme Court.

This decision was no surprise since it’s in line with earlier rulings by the court on district maps in two other states. But it only delays the redrawing of district maps under a voter-approved amendment that creates an independent commission. It will draw new lines in time for the 2022 election.

But Nancy Wang with the Voters Not Politicians campaign says this ruling is a disappointment.

“Michigan voters still have to have yet another election that’s rigged, that will proceed under the gerrymandered maps.”

Wang says the commission will do a better job of creating districts that reflect voters’ preferences than continuing to let the Legislature do the job. The campaign is still trying to fend off a separate legal challenge filed by the Michigan Republican Party.