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Bird flu continues to spread in Menominee and Macomb counties

Zachariah Smith

According to the latest federal data, more cases of the highly contagious avian flu, also known as bird flu, has spread to other parts of Menominee and Macomb counties.

Approximately 67 more birds in non-commercial backyard flocks were euthanized after they tested positive for avian flu.

This marks the second detection of bird flu in Macomb County and third in Menominee, underscoring that bird flu is spreading in those areas.

Since February, data from the U-S Department of Agriculture says 614 birds across Michigan have been lost to bird flu.

The U-S is currently amid its worst bird flu outbreak in seven years. The virus has spread to 27 states in less than two months and claimed over 24 million birds.

State officials are pleading with bird owners of all varieties to increase bio-security measures like preventing contact between domestic and wild birds, disinfecting boots and hands when handling birds, and, if possible, move the birds into an enclosed area.

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