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Winter is coming, but the state is prepared for snowy roads

Mark Brown
Michigan transportation officials say they're ready to treat snowy, icy roads this winter.

Snowfall has already been reported in some areas of Michigan. That means it’s almost time to brave the icy roads, but state road workers say they’re well prepared.

With nearly 13 hundred plow trucks at the ready statewide, the Michigan Department of Transportation is asking, ‘Is Winter Ready for MDOT?’

“We don't have our full complement of seasonal plow operators. So that's a bit of a hitch that we're going through this year, we had last year as well, with COVID. So that's a bit of a headache, but we're not worried. We do have enough to get us through the start of winter.” say MDOT spokesman Nick Schirripa.

Schirripa says the state is using liquid salt as a new method of protection against icy roads. This year, the program is expanding to include M-43, M-20, and M-66.