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Conference held in Saginaw County for state and local officials to discuss roads

Arlington Department of Environmental Services |

Transportation officials from across the state will meet in Saginaw County to discuss the conditions Michigan’s roads. 

An event hosted by the Saginaw Chamber of Commerce will feature a panelist discussion with representatives from state and local transportation departments. 

The panel discussion takes place at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, August 27 at an event center called, Apple Mountain in Freeland, Michigan. 

CEO of the Chamber, Veronica Horn said the conference was planned before lawmakers go into session to discuss funding for the roads. 

“This is really an optimal time in August to get our input in with the legislatures,” Horn said. “When we hear the kind of things that they’re looking at, the people that attend this conference can make suggestions if they have ideas on what might work.” 

Featured Panelist, Jeff Cranson from the Michigan Department of Transportation said at the current rate of investment, in a few years, more than 50 percent of the roads will be in poor condition. 

Featured Panelist, Ed Noyola from the County Road Association said in total, the association and the state department of transportation need at least three-and-a-half billion dollars to fix state and local roads. 

Rates for the conference include members, $35 and non-members $45. To register online visit