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Water levels cost state park $125,000 in repairs

Joegoauk Goa|

Communities around Michigan have seen beaches and even infrastructure go under water this summer. One state park tallying up the cost of the damage.

Park officials said they have watched hundreds of yards of beach wash away, along with parts of their infrastructure. 


Tawas State Park Parks and Recreation Supervisor, Micah Jordan, said the high water levels have damaged infrastructure throughout the park, mostly roadways and plumbing. 


“Due to those high waters, those infrastructure issues have cost the state a lot of money as far as making those repairs and doing some infrastructure improvements to help to slow the rise of water and the effects it has caused on the road.”


Jordan said the park has spent $125,000 on repairs to keep infrastructure from washing away with the shoreline.


He said if the water levels continue to rise, “there is no doubt” it will “cause a lot more infrastructure issues”. Jordan said if the levels continue to rise there will be more infrastructure work needed in the fall.