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Possible Record Temperatures This Week

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Meteorologists said this week will be an unusually warm week for February in Mid-Michigan. Tuesday, Flint and Saginaw may reach record-high temperatures.

Data lists the record high temperature for February 27th in Saginaw at 59 degrees, set in 1932. The high on Tuesday is forecast between 56 and 59 degrees.

Flint’s record high was set in 1932 at 58 degrees. The city is forecast to reach a high between 55 and 59 degrees on Tuesday.

Ernie Ostuno (oh-STEW-noh) is a lead forecaster with the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids.

He says the weather will be warm for most of this week.

“It looks like temperature wise, you’re probably running in the low 40s by the end of the week,” Ostuno said. “The caveat with that is, Thursday, there’s a chance of rain and snow, with the highs in the upper 30s for most of that day.”

Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. He says next week will be colder.

“Next week, it looks like there’s potential of a storm on Sunday and Monday. It will either be rain or mix precip then it gets colder after that,” Ostuno said. “Probably highs only in the low 30s by the middle of the week, maybe in the 20s by Wednesday and Thursday.”

He also said you should be able to enjoy the warmer weather. Thursday will see a mix of rain and snow, while clear skies prevail most of this week.