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State police prepare for Labor Day Mackinac Bridge closure

Flickr user Daniel Johnson, Jr.

Police and state transportation officials are only days away from learning if their plans work to avoid gridlock when they shut down the Mackinac Bridge. The bridge will be closed to traffic from 6:30 to noon on Labor day.

Lieutenant Mark Harris is the commander of the Michigan State Police post in Gaylord.

“The plan is to restrict the amount of back up that we’re going to have south of Mackinaw City. So, we certainly wouldn't want it to reach Gaylord. We certainly wouldn't want it to reach a point where we’re putting people at risk by being stranded along I-75”.

Harris said he warned communities 50 miles away they could see traffic back ups.

“I’ve shared the plan or at least some of the information to make business aware in the Gaylord community that there may be an increased flux of people in the area looking for food, water, and gas so they can be adequately prepared to serve those customers”.


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