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Mackinac Bridge to close Labor Day for bridge walk

Flickr User Bob Bawell

This Labor Day for the first time the Mackinac Bridge is being closed to the public.

Starting at 6:30 Labor Day morning, the bridge will close. It will reopen at noon that day.

Travelers need to cross early in the morning to avoid waiting for the minimum 5 hour closure.

Bob Sweeney is the Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the Mackinac Bridge Authority. He said there will be services for motorists waiting for the bridge to reopen.

“We plan on putting up three water stations to the north of the bridge, one on I-75 two on US-2 where we’ll have water and snacks for anybody that's stranded in line for a long time. Additionally we have roving mechanics one at the south end of the bridge one at the north end of the bridge and they’re going to be traveling around looking for any cars that may have broken down.”

Sweeney said there will also be porta-potties in key locations for those waiting in their cars.

“So we’re really hoping that everybody takes note of this and if they plan on traveling across the peninsula that they plan accordingly for these delays.”

Sweeney said there will be buses to take people back to the other side of the bridge after the walk. The bus ride is five dollars, and the money goes toward reimbursing local school districts.

More information on the closure is at the Mackinac Bridge Bridge Authority website.