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Health departments are warning people not to share vaccination registration link


Health departments say they’re beginning to run into people trying to game the system to get their COVID vaccine sooner. 

There have been problems reported in Isabella and Kalamazoo counties

The health department in Isabella county said on Monday it found around two-dozen people waiting in line for COVID-19 vaccinations that they weren’t eligible for. The individuals had found a registration link on Facebook and just signed up. 

Steve Hall is the Health Officer for the Central Michigan District Health Department. He said they didn’t anticipate that people would share their registration link. And they’ve already taken steps to stop it. 

"We explicitly say when the link goes out for people to actually schedule their appointment that it’s specific to them only. Not to share it. And if it is shared, any appointments associated with it will be cancelled."

Hall said the invalid registrants were turned away. Some of them understood, but some he said were “not happy” about it. 


"It’s just there’s nothing we can do. The vaccine supply is just so limited that we really need to focus on the appropriate priority groups right now."