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Rural hospitals in Michigan set to receive $5-million to fight COVID-19


Rural hospitals in Michigan are being awarded more than $5-million to help fight COVID-19.

The funding, announced Wednesday, comes as part of the CARES Act passed by Congress.

Kristy Martinsen is with the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy. She said the money is intended to help hospitals purchase testing supplies and protective equipment to handle coronavirus patients.

“Hospitals can use it for anything from ensuring their facilities are safe for staff and patients, for detecting, preventing and treating COVID-19.”

Martinsen said rural hospitals have fewer resources and will need funding to help combat a projected influx of coronavirus patients.

“We know that rural hospitals have very limited resources to begin with. These funds were intended to provide additional support for hospitals to be able to purchase new equipment, purchase new supplies given the resource challenges that are across the country.”

Martinsen said the funds could be used on anything from personal protective equipment to test kits.