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Studies show weight gain is common during vacations

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According to a recently released study, sun burns aren’t the only thing you need to watch out for during summer vacations. Vacation weight gain can also be a concern.


According to the survey, the average person gains three quarters of a pound while on vacation. It doesn’t seem like much, but most everyone surveyed still had the weight six weeks after returning home.

Some survey participants gained as much as seven pounds while they were away.

Courtney McCormick is a Corporate Dietician. She said it’s important to watch what you’re eating and stay active during a vacation.

“So try to limit the amount of drinks that you have while you’re on vacation. Encouraging people to stay active, you would actually burn twice as many calories if you took a walk or a jog on the actual beach as opposed to walking on the sidewalk or the boardwalk. And I also tell people when you go out to eat make those special requests.”

McCormick said it’s not uncommon for people to gradually become obese from gaining a little weight during vacations each year. Scientists call it creeping obesity.

“Not just during vacations but also during the holiday periods, thinking about the Fourth of July is coming up and thinking about the barbeques people go to. So even holidays like Memorial Day and Fourth of July and Labor Day, people can add extra pounds and that’s important because if we know that those pounds stick on our body year after year that can really add up.”

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