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Survey shows more Michiganders are expected to travel this summer

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Most Michiganders are planning to hit the road during the busy summer travel season, according to a recent survey by AAA Michigan.

The survey showed that nearly 70 percent of Michiganders plan on taking a vacation this summer. That’s 37 percent more than last year.


The survey also shows 24 percent of travelers feel better about travelling this year than they did last year, which could indicate Michigan’s economy is improving.


Susan Hiltz is the Public Affairs Director for AAA Michigan. She said with all of Michigan’s lakes and easy drives, travel is a big booster to the state’s economy.


“The economy is picking up, consumer confidence is up, I mean close to 40 percent will take more vacations than last year, and 52 percent taking the same amount as last year and 30 percent of the folks are taking longer vacations than last year and close to 40 percent will be spending more money so that’s great,” she said.


“Between places like the thumb area where you have Caseville and Port Austin, or the western side of the state where you have Traverse City, or even cities like Grand Rapids and Detroit have great tourist attractions and fun activities, so our state as a whole has great places to visit, whether it’s camping or amusement parks there’s plenty of things for folks to do and enjoy the lakes that surround us too.”


Hiltz said the survey was conducted in April, and roughly 400 Michigan residents were surveyed.