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Floods lead to estimated $21 million in crop losses

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Michigan State University Extension believes last week’s floods in mid-Michigan caused at least $21 million in crop losses.

Experts are continuing to assess damage to corn and bean crops throughout the Thumb, Saginaw Valley and central Michigan areas.


Joe Cramer is the Executive Director of the Michigan Bean Commission.


“I think there's growers who are worried about having an ugly looking field. And our growers tend to want nice looking crops. This year I think many of them will just have to accept that this is going to be ugly through the growing season.”


Jim Byrum is the President of the Michigan Agri-Business Association.


He said he’s optimistic bean crops aren’t a total loss.


“It’s important to remember that we’re still going to have beans to sell. Farmers are still going to produce, and we have some production to market, the ultimate production, the bottom line production we won't know until we hit harvest.”


Byrum said he’s concerned washed out roads will hinder farmers from traveling to sell their products.

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