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Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee asks President Trump to stop cuts to Great Lakes

Flickr User L. Braughler


Congressman Dan Kildee from Flint is asking President Trump to keep funding intact for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and Environmental Protection Agency.


Kildee said without financial support, the environment, economy and health of Great Lakes states would suffer.


President Trump’s proposed budget plan would eliminate the $300-million Great Lakes Restoration Initiative that helps fund cleanup, invasive species research and restore habitats.


The budget also includes reducing EPA funding by $2.6-billion.


Congressman Kildee is asking Trump to rethink his budget.


“So this terrible budget that the president has proposed, is essentially saying to the people of my home state of Michigan, that our way of life does not matter.”


The Flint Democrat said the EPA office that serves Michigan could be eliminated under the president’s proposal.


He said that would affect the work the agency has done in Flint after the water crisis.


“So I have a message for President Trump. The Great Lakes are already great. Don't jeopardize our economy or our livelihood. So we’re saying it loud and clear, stop the cuts to the Great Lakes and the EPA, those cuts put our economy at risk.”


Kildee said a million and a half people have jobs relating to the Great Lakes.