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Central Michigan University reopens Student Activity Center for students


The Student Activity Center on the campus of Central Michigan University reopened for student reservation only Monday.


This decision comes a week after gyms and pools reopened statewide.



Jennifer Nottingham is with University Recreation at CMU. She said appointments must be made two days in advance, around 300 students have booked reservations for opening day.



"Our students have not been able to come to our activity center, along with our community members since March," Nottingham said. "But, with capacity restrictions and our hours being reduced, we wanted to give the opportunity to our student community first."


Nottingham said student entry was made a priority because entry fees are included in tuition costs.


She said sanitization efforts have increased throughout the facility, students are encouraged to clean equipment and spaces before and after use. 


"If you think about pre-COVID, students were wiping down their equipment," Nottingham said. "Now it’s just a little bit more, ‘Okay, did someone wipe that?’ Until we build trust, with our membership and they understand we are taking this seriously, I think if we do a team approach that’s going to help us stop the spread."


She said students who aren’t comfortable returning to the fitness centers on campus can access virtual training sessions through university recreation.