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2020 looking to be good year for Michigan Farmers

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2020 may not be remembered for very much good news but agriculture experts say Michigan farmers are one bright spot. Most should see average yields this year.


Paul Gross is a field crop educator with the MSU Extension office in Isabella county, he said crops like soybeans, wheat, and corn in particular are the most likely to see good yields.
“We’ll probably end up with a pretty average crop this year in this area, we kinda started off pretty optimistic for some above average yields, but I think we’re gonna settle in for the average for the county and for the area,” said Gross.
Typically an average performance isn't something to celebrate, but Gross says this year it can be. He explained that in many other parts of the U.S. crops are looking to be below average, this means that prices will probably be up and our average yield will sell for a slightly above average price. He says as farmers finish harvest and plant their winter wheats they’re generally optimistic.
In another area of agriculture, Michigan fruits are having a decent year so far, this is according to Nikki Rothwell who is with the Northwest Michigan Horticulture Research Center. She said the cherry season produced high quality cherries but a slightly smaller yield than usual, but with fall upon us some of the best might be to come with apples.
“We’re picking only ginger golds right now. I think the apple quality is also going to be excellent, so these conditions right now that are cool really put a nice color on our apples, so I think we’re in for a great apple season,” said Rothwell.
Rothwell said, also in the northern part of the state wine grapes are doing very well. 2020, she says despite everything else, may end up having a great vintage.