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Capital investments in northeastern Michigan expected to transform community

Flickr user Marty Hogan

New investment in Iosco county is expected to bring more than 200 new advanced manufacturing and engineering jobs.

Officials with Plastic Trim International said they plan to add a  42,000 foot expansion to their Iosco County manufacturing facility. The plant builds plastic car parts for companies including General Motors, Chrysler, and BMW.  

Kenny Shaaf is the president of the Tawas Area Industrial Development Corporation. He said unemployment rates in Iosco County are more than twice state average, and new jobs are always welcome in the area.

“With two hundred industrial jobs, the thing about industrial jobs is what the book would tell you is that you multiply that income by ten and that’s what falls back into the community”.

Plastic Trim International officials said the project is expected to be completed early next year. The new workers are expected to earn an average of $24.00 an hour.

Shaaf said the company recently purchased adjacent properties and he expects further expansion in the future.