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Fifth annual 100 day project takes place in Gaylord

Judy Wagely
Sharon Wade has committed to 100 Days of creativity

They say it takes 66 days to create a habit. If that’s the case, then a group of dedicated folks in northern Michigan is on their way to making a life-long habit of creativity.

The fifth annual 100 -Day Project is underway at the Gaylord Area Council for the Arts. Jan Kellogg is the GACA arts manager.

Kellogg said that everyone is creative in some way.

"Everybody's got some creativity in them, people say 'I'm not an artist' but I think everyone is an artist," Kellogg said. "I think it's a human need to create, whatever that might mean for you."

Kellogg noted that there are 100-Day projects in communities all over the world.  Anyone can participate—and anything goes.

In Gaylord, participants gather weekly. They show their work and get encouragement and inspiration from their peers.

Sharon Wade has been creating miniature pastel paintings. She said the 100-Day Project has improved her skills as an artist.

"It's caused me to be disciplined everyday," Wade said. "The weekly check-ins are just so much fun and their encouragement, we share with each other and we help each other. The fellowship of people is just an amazing group here in Gaylord, we love each other, we love what each other does and we see each other improve every week and so we become good friends." 

For 100 days and in countless ways, discovering and practicing a bit of creativity —and sharing it with others—just may be habit forming.

Judy joined WCMU's staff in December 2018. As producer and host of “Afternoon Classical Music,” she wants to share her life-long love of classical music with listeners, and have some fun along the way! She is also the producer of “Central Stage.”