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A plea deal that prevented one former lawmaker from holding office for five years is not enforceable. That’s the ruling of the Michigan Supreme Court today.

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Lawmakers in the state Senate passed a few changes to the state’s car insurance law. Supporters say it’s a start to tackle the state’s sky-high auto insurance rates.

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A bill in the Michigan Senate would exempt new utility distribution lines and storage equipment from property taxes.

Groups in opposition of the bill say it could hurt local municipalities.

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State lawmakers want to tackle animal safety. 

Bicycle safety bills come to State Senate

May 16, 2018
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Two bicycle safety bills are waiting for action in the State Senate. Both cleared the House in March. One would require drivers-ed students to spend at least an hour learning to drive safely around “vulnerable” road users. The other would require drivers to pass cyclists with at least three feet of clearance when possible. League of Michigan Bicyclists Executive Director John Lindenmayer fought for a wider passing rule. But he says the House bill is a start.