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A lawsuit headed to court Monday claims the Michigan State Police are two to three more times more likely to conduct high-speed chases in black neighborhoods than in comparable white neighborhoods.

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Briefs filed in federal court Tuesday allege a small northern Michigan community has continued a practice of religious discrimination, despite making a bylaw change saying they would stop..

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A progressive watchdog group says the state Attorney General has misused his office for political gain – and they have the emails to prove it.

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A federal court judge said Monday that he will delay issuing an opinion on a suit against Bay View in Emmet county alleging the community’s religious requirement is in violation of the Fair Housing Act. Current Bay View bylaws require people to be Christians in order to own a cottage in the upscale community.

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Bay View is a small summer resort community near Petoskey in Northern Michigan. Residents in the Norman Rockwell-esque setting are facing a lawsuit that they say has split the community.