Conference helps marina owners cut pollution

Feb 22, 2018
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Ohio and five other Great Lakes states have Clean Marina programs that aim to improve air and water quality. They teach marina owners how to prevent pollution.

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An environmental group launched a ballot initiative Monday to require energy companies in Michigan to use 30 percent renewable energy by 2030.

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Insecticides are being found in rivers across the Great Lakes region, and researchers say contaminants have even made it to the Great Lakes.

Critical Report on Sleep-Related Deaths

Feb 1, 2018
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For the first time, state health officials are releasing a comprehensive report on sleep-related infant deaths.

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We have an idea of what makes people healthy: They eat right, they work out, and they don’t get sick very often. But what makes land healthy? To give you an idea, I went to the Allegan State Game Area. It has two pieces of land that — when it comes to health — couldn’t be more different. The first one is a thriving oak savanna. Ben Savoie is a forester for the Barry, Ottawa, and Allegan Conservation districts.

Hospitals prepare for a changing climate

Nov 24, 2017
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It’s been a year of natural disasters in the U.S., with wildfires on the west coast, hurricanes in the south – and even flooding along Lake Ontario.  Are hospitals prepared to deal with extreme weather and other impacts of climate change?    

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Rain overflow can lead to raw sewage ending up in rivers, streams, and the Great Lakes.

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Several Michigan environment groups are raising concerns about a bill in the Michigan house to change ballast water regulations.

New website tracks progress on Great Lakes

Nov 2, 2017
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Over the years, billions of dollars have been allocated to restoring the Great Lakes – whether its money spent cleaning up pollution, preventing invasive species, or educating the public.  A new regional initiative will analyze how effective some of these efforts – and dollars – have been so far. 

Citizens and scientists are teaming up on a project along the Boyne River. They’re hoping to create what they’re calling “river forecasts,” that could be used to predict the flow and temperatures of rivers.

Both scientists and community members that are hopeful their work could take off across the country.