Beware of the swarm

Sep 17, 2018
Flickr User - Zi Krostag | https://flic.kr/p/fA9cGY

The unusual September heat has ushered in waves of nuisance mosquitoes in Michigan.

Environment officials said heavy August rain activated dormant egg, and the recent heat has made for easy living for the petsts.

Bill Stanuszek is the director of the Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement Commission. He said the mosquitos have some time left before the cold comes in.

NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory / https://flic.kr/p/ejnJDP

Over 4,000 miles of Great Lakes shoreline assessed by the Environmental Protection Agency have been deemed impaired.

flickr user: Jennifer C. / https://flic.kr/p/2amGWyL

Governor Snyder is urging lawmakers to approve his proposals for cleaning up the environment and improving Michigan’s water infrastructure.

flickr user: Brian Teutch / https://flic.kr/p/cHmR45

The Cumming Nature Center is a little oasis about an hour south of Rochester. With miles of quiet trails through swamplands and towering pine trees, it’s a great place to talk about citizen science.

flickr user: aka cj / https://flic.kr/p/C7iwyW

Governor Rick Snyder will not lower the state’s standards for dumping ballast water in the Great Lakes. He vetoed a bill with the changes today.