Destination Out

Sundays 11pm-2am

Every week, 'Destination Out' features creative improvised music, traditional world music, and jazz. Host Mike Johnston also presents a feature each week, focusing on a particular artist, or a unique style of music.

Audio for each episode of Destination Out is available for two weeks online after the episode airs. To listen, scroll below the playlists on this page and click on the episode you are interested in. You will then see three audio players, one for each hour of the program. This audio is automatically removed two weeks after an episode's original airdate.

In memory of John Abercrombie who passed away last week at the age of 72. We featured some of his music playing tracks from his mid 70's Gateway band and also recording he made with Charles Lloyd and Colin Walcott.



This week a large focus of the program centers around a newly discovered recording of Theloniuos Monk's film score for the film  "Les Liaisons Dangereuses"  (1960). Also included in the program is music created for the film by Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers, along with film music from the era by Duke Ellington and Miles Davis. During the first hour of the program we played a newly released track on solo harp from Alice Coltrane recorded in concert in Poland in 1987.


This week Destination Out aired the final hour of the Faruq Z. Bey feature. This segment covers music from the latter part of his career including interview segments with band members and a closing discussion with Faruq on Detroit music that was conducted in 2010. During the last hour we cover a few other Detroit Jazz artists.



This week on Destination Out, part three of the four-part series on legendary Detroit saxophonist Faruq Z. Bey was featured.


During hour two of the program we aired part two of the four-hour feature on "The Music of Faruq Z. Bey" legendary Detroit saxophonist. During this section of the program my guest hosts Kim Heron (Detroit writer) and Mike Khoury (Detroit record label owner) played tracks of Faruq's music from the 1980's including music performed with his band Griot Galaxy and an extended composition written for strings and horns performed at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Destination Out aired the first of a four-part series on legendary Detroit saxophonist Faruq Z. Bey. The first hour of the feature focuses on Faruq's unique compositions and his early musical influences growing up in Detroit. The program is co-hosted by Mike Khoury and Kim Heron. The first hour also includes interview segments with Faruq and fellow musician Mike Carey.

Mike Johnston featured diverse music with artists such as Max Roach, the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Lee Morgan and Hank Mobley.




July 18th celebrates Nelson Mandela's 99th birthday. This episode of Destination Out features several songs dedicated to Nelson and Winnie Mandela. Including several that were recorded during his imprisonment years. Artists featured include; Bill Dixon, Special A.K..A., Abdullah Ibrahim, Johnny Dyani, District 6 and more.



Destination Out featured saxophonist Joe lovano this week including a new release of John Coltrane music that he recorded in 2007 with Dave Liebman. We also sadly payed tribute to Detroit pianist Geri Allen that passed away this past week at the age of 60 and to Chicago,  A.A.C.M. founding musician trumpeter Phil Cohran that passed away at the age of 90.



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Destination Out featured an entire evening of diverse flute focused music. Artists include, Eric Dolphy, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Don Cherry, Carlos Nakai and various music styles ranging from contemporary classical to traditional world music's. John litrenta guest hosted for his twelfth time since 1994.