State resolution in support of DACA recipients dies in committee

Feb 12, 2018

One Michigan lawmaker is responding to the news that her resolution calling for the protection of DACA recipients has already died in committee.

The resolution died last week in the Committee on Government Operations after it failed to receive enough votes.

Democratic Representative Vanessa Guerra introduced the resolution. She said most Michiganders and the Governor support a solution for DACA recipients.

“We have about 6,400 recipients in the state of Michigan so we were hoping that our colleagues would support this because these are Michiganders and they contribute to the economy but unfortunately it was not adopted.”

Guerra said her resolution would have called on Congress to renew the DACA program.

“We know budget talks are going on at the federal level and we want to maintain the conversation around DACA recipients so they don’t get left out of that process.”

Guerra said even though the resolution failed she thinks it is important to send a message to DACA recipients in the state that Michigan will stand up for them.