Recall effort for Mayor Karen Weaver moves forward as Flint plans for a November election

Aug 7, 2017

The Genesee County Clerk’s Office determined Thursday (8-3-17) that it had the necessary signatures to move forward with a recall petition on Mayor Karen Weaver.

Of the nine thousand signatures initially submitted 5,870 were found to be valid. To appear on the ballot the petition required 5,750 signatures.

John Gleason is the Genesee County Clerk. He said because there were enough signatures Weaver will appear on the November ballot as a candidate for mayor.

“The old law said you’re either in or you’re out. You are either recalled or you weren’t. Now it’s actually an election. In the old days you had a recall election you were either in or out, if you were removed by the voters then you had to have another election. Now it’s all taken care of.”

Gleason said Mayor Weaver had ten days to withdraw her name from appearing on the November ballot, but declined and will appear as the incumbent candidate.

“In this situation challengers in Flint have until August 14th, 4pm to submit either $100 or forty signatures and then they will go on the November 7th ballot.”

Gleason said while residents have the right to push for a recall, he thinks it’s a bad time for the city.

“The government has not been humming along the last few months because the administration has been staving off the recall. I feel strongly that don’t remove somebody from office because there is a policy disagreement. But they chose to do that in Flint so we will do our work.”

Gleason said Mayor Weaver could challenge the signature count, but that challenge is unlikely to overturn the count.