New bill would re-establish position of poet laureate in Michigan

Jun 12, 2018

After nearly 60-years, some state lawmakers want to bring back the position of state poet laureate.

The last poet laureate was Edgar A. Guest who served until his death in 1959.

Republican Representative Aaron Miller is sponsoring a bill to reestablish the position. He said he thinks the role would help combat the state’s literacy problems.

“It would be a good thing especially with Michigan’s literacy struggles to bring this position back and not just attack literacy problems but generally be an advocate for not just poetry but reading and writing in our state.”

The poet would be appointed by the Governor, would serve without compensation, and would have an office in the Library of Michigan.

Miller says he would like to see the Cass County Poet Laureate, Lois Cross-Heart, appointed to the position.

Michigan is one of only five states without a state-appointed poet laureate.