MI Supreme Court to hear guns in school case

Dec 22, 2017

The Michigan Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether schools can legally ban guns.

Two gun rights groups are challenging firearm bans in Ann Arbor and Clio, but other school districts have similar policies.

Chris Wigent is with the Michigan Association of School Administrators. He says superintendents and principals have a responsibility to make sure students are safe and feel safe.

“We can’t educate them if they don’t feel safe.”

“All you’re doing is leaving me vulnerable, and, more importantly, leaving our kids vulnerable.”

He says it’s the job of superintendents and principals to make sure students and teachers feel safe.

“We think that the locally elected board of education, the community, and others who live there, and who work there really should be making these types of decisions. This should be a local district decision.”

Tom Lambert is with Michigan Open Carry. He says firearm bans don’t keep schools safer.

“You’re going to keep the good people out, but if you’re not going to do anything to keep the people out that truly are intent on harm, the ones we truly need to worry about, then what are we doing here?”

The lawsuits specifically challenge gun bans in Ann Arbor and Clio (KLYE’-oh) schools.      

School administrators say they need to the authority to ban guns for safety reasons, and to ensure an environment that’s conducive to teaching and learning.