Gas tax increases boosts county road commissions

Nov 14, 2017

County road commissions across the state are gearing up for winter road work, and they say the statewide gas tax increase is helping.

Road commissions this year began receiving revenue from the gas tax increase. They said that’s left them in a much better position to serve their community.

Tobin Javin is the Superintendent of the Grand Traverse County Road Commission.  He said the increased funding from the state has allowed the county to update its plow fleet.

“A lot of our fleet isn't as new as we’d like to see it, but we’re getting there. The board committed to three trucks per year. Prior to that we weren’t really purchasing regularly. That should put us in a ten year cycle on our trucks”.

Javin said he believes the increased funding is helping everyone.

“Most of that we put back into the roads. A few years ago before that we were in dire need. Our equipment was really in disrepair. So, we’ve come along nicely”.

Javin said since last winter was relatively mild, salt prices this year are lower and that is also helping local budgets.