21 counties in Michigan will receive medicaid reimbursement for addiction treatment

5 hours ago

Michigan launched its first home health opioid recovery program Thursday. It will serve 21 counties in the northern lower peninsula.

The program allows reimbursement for Medicaid recipients who get addiction recovery care services.

Lynn Sutfin is with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. She said the care will cover a wide range of needs.

“It’s providing authority to provide services that are not typically eligible for Medicaid reimbursement.”

Sutfin said services will include coordinated care for substance abuse, patient and family support, and referral to community support services.

She said the counties were intentionally chosen for the pilot program.

“They have the highest number per capita number of Medicaid beneficiaries with opioid use disorder. In addition to that, we also looked at the data and found that area was very underserved. They didn’t have a lot of providers for that.”

Sutfin said the state will monitor the program for possible expansion statewide.

You can see the 21 counties where the program has launched on this map. Counties in gray are all part of the participant region.