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WCMU needs your help! We want to hear from you ahead of our Summer Fundraiser. Your comments will help shape our on-air messaging, encouraging your fellow listeners to support WCMU. And, everyone who sends their comments to us will be entered in a drawing to win a WCMU tote bag!

Here's how to "Talk to WCMU..."

1. Download the WCMU Mobile App from the Apple or Android App Store. Just search your app store for WCMU. 

2. Tap "Listen" near the top of the screen, and then select your favorite WCMU station. 


3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, to the "Talk to Us" section. Tap on the question of the week.

4. Tap on the Microphone button to record your voice message. You may be prompted to allow the WCMU App to access your microphone. If so, grant the app permission. Then say your message! Note: Please start your message with "I'm (Your Name) from (Your City)."

5. Tap the stop button when you're done recording. You can then listen back using the "Replay" button.

6. When you're done, tap the "Send" button to email us your voice message!