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Shifting Mindsets: Preventing Public Health Emergencies

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The COVID-19 Pandemic will hopefully be the worst health crisis of the twenty-first century. The pandemic has challenged our health systems. This episode of Shifting Mindsets for Better Health looks at these public health challenges and the power of prevention.

Shifting Mindsets for Better Health: 11/17/21

Shifting Mindsets for Better Health, a continuing education podcast produced by our partners at Central Michigan University with a grant from the Children’s Foundation. This podcast series brings together healthcare professionals across disciplines to share insight into the far-reaching effects the coronavirus pandemic has on children, caretakers and medical care providers.

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Dr. Heather Polinsky is the Director of the School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts at Central Michigan University. Before pursuing academia, Dr. Polinsky worked as an audio engineer at SoundTrax Recording Studios in Raleigh, North Carolina.