Destination Out

Sundays 11pm-2am

Every week, 'Destination Out' features creative improvised music, traditional world music, and jazz. Host Mike Johnston also presents a feature each week, focusing on a particular artist, or a unique style of music.

Audio for each episode of Destination Out is available for two weeks online after the episode airs. To listen, scroll below the playlists on this page and click on the photo or title of the episode you are interested in. You will then see three audio players, one for each hour of the program. This audio is automatically removed two weeks after an episode's original airdate.

Destination Out: March 31, 2019

Apr 1, 2019

This week on "Destination Out", Ryan Egeler filled in for Mike Johnston, featuring Herbie Hancock and Donald Byrd. Lots of Michigan Music as well, including Etienne Charles, Patrick Yandall, and Donovan Boxey, along with music by Anthony Braxton, Joseph Jarman, and more.

This week on "Destination Out", Mike Johnston featured various jazz compilations, including Baden-Baden Free Jazz Meeting and Wildflowers Loft Jazz. We also heard from Henry Threadgill, Don Cherry, and Dewey Redman. 

This week on “Destination Out”, we featured recordings from the 1970’s by Don Cherry, Charlie Haden, Joe Henderson, and Alice Coltrane.  

This week on "Destination Out", we featured recordings by drummer Alex Klein from Los Angeles. 

This week on "Destination Out", we featured a newly released live recording of Alice Coltrane and friends at Carnegie Hall in 1971. The performance is a version of John Coltrane's piece Africa. Some of the musicians include, Ed Blackwell, Jimmy Garrison, Cecil McBee, Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shepp and Clifford Jarvis.