Judge Aquilina says no to Nassar resentencing request

Aug 27, 2018

The judge who told Larry Nassar she signed his death warrant when she sentenced him says there is no reason for him to be resentenced.

Nassar is the former Michigan State University sports doctor who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting multiple young patients.

Nassar’s attorneys tried to have Judge Rosemarie Aquilina removed from the case – and have a different judge hear his case for a resentencing.

But that request was denied and is now being considered by the Court of Appeals.

In the meantime, Aquilina heard arguments about whether Nassar should get a new sentence.

Aquilina says her sentence of 40 to 175 years in prison was appropriate. And Nassar has buyer’s remorse.

“He’s blamed everyone but himself despite pleading guilty to seven very serious counts.”

Nassar’s lawyers say he should be resentenced because, in part, Aquilina was biased against him.