Bo Schembechler’s son says he was abused by late university sports doctor

Jun 10, 2021

Left: Matt Schembechler; Top right: Daniel Kwiatkowski; Bottom right: Gilvanni Johnson. All three men spoke at a press conference Thursday confirming Bo Schembechler knew of Anderson abuse.

The following story has a graphic description of an assault. It may not be suitable for all audiences.

The late University of Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler knew that Doctor Robert Anderson was sexually abusing his players,but derided or ignored players’ complaints.

Schembechler’s son Matt, and two former U of M football players, spoke about their experiences with Anderson and Schembechler at a press conference Thursday, June 10.

Matt Schembechler says he was sexually abused by Doctor Robert Anderson in 1969, when he was ten years old. He says when he told his father about the abuse, Bo Schembechler punched him in the chest.

Matt Schembechler says his late mother then informed former U of M Athletic Director Don Canham about the abuse.

“It was my understanding that Mr. Canham terminated Dr. Anderson, but shortly thereafter Bo had him reinstated," Schembechler said. "Because he needed his team doctor and wanted to ensure Anderson remained part of the Michigan team".

Two former U of M football players also revealed Thursday that Anderson abused them. Daniel Kwiatkowski played for Schembechler from 1977 through 1981. He says he told Schembechler about the abuse he suffered after his first physical exam with Anderson.

“After practice one day, I approached Bo and reported to him that Dr. Anderson had digitally raped my rectum," Kwiatkowski said. "Bo looked at me and said, ‘Toughen up’”.

Former U of M player Gilvanni Johnson says he also told Schembechler about Anderson’s abuse, but he says Schembechler ignored it after promising to follow up with medical staff.